by Stan Coffey

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Israel in the Lions' Den: Showdown in the Middle East (13 of 23)
Series: The Last Days of the Planet Earth
Stan Coffey
Daniel 6:23-28

Indeed, there is going to be a showdown in the Middle East and the Bible predicts it's coming. We've seen several practical lessons from Daniel, chapter 6. For example, the lesson about prayer, Daniel's prayer life and how regular, consistent and powerful was his prayer life. Then, there was the lesson about God's faithfulness to deliver us when we are in the lions' den. We talked about Christians facing normal trials that come to us. Trials that come to Christians are not strange, they are typical, trials of illness, trials of fear, trials of discouragement that come to believers like lions, these trials try to devour us. Satan, like a roaring lion, seeks whom he may devour.

So, last Sunday, we looked at the tremendous lesson for us about angels and how God sends angels today to stop the mouth of the lions.

Paul spoke of his experience in prison and he said that the Lord stopped the mouth of the lion and delivered him.

There are times in our lives when angels have come to deliver us. We cannot see them, they are spirit beings. Most of the time, they do not take on a physical manifestation, although they can.

What a comfort to know that for every demon, there are two angels of God. These angels have been assigned to us. They've been sent for us by the Father. They wait in the presence of the Father to do His bidding. The Bible says they are sent to minister to those who are the heirs of salvation.

Now, we come to a prophetic lesson from Daniel, chapter 6, because it is an illustration, it is a prophecy of the tribulation time that Jesus said would come on this earth.

Jesus said there has never been a time as difficult as this time and there will never be a time like it, after it. It is truly a time when the nation of Israel will be placed in the lions' den.

We are going to see some striking p ...

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