by Stan Coffey

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Angels in the Lions' Den (12 of 23)
Series: The Last Days of the Planet Earth
Stan Coffey
Daniel 6:16-28

We know that Daniel was in the lions' den, but there were angels in the lions' den as well. We are going to see today that, just as Daniel was placed in the lions' den because of his convictions, the Bible says, ''All who live Godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution.''

In other words, there will be lions' dens in which all of us will be placed from time to time in our life. The Christian life is not just to stroll down primrose lane. The Christian life is not a life, which is absent of any difficulty.

When you become a Christian, the devil is your enemy and he's going to do everything he can to discourage you. So, there are going to be those den of lions which you will face many times in your life.

You need to know that in the den of lions, there are also the angels of God. We'll talk quite a bit about the angels of God this morning and how the angels of God are sent to minister to us to stop the mouths of the lions.

We remember that Daniel had refused to stop his prayer life. His political enemies, much like the political situation in our country today, had decided they wanted to get rid of him so they set up a way in which he would break the law if he were to pray to any god except the king. Of course, Daniel's habit was, as we learned last week, he had a powerful prayer life. He prayed three times a day. He had a particular place. He had a particular purpose in his prayer. He had a particular period of time when he prayed. He had a habit of regular prayer and he did not interrupt that even though he knew what the king's edicts said and that is, if you pray to any other god except the king of Babylon, King Darius, you are going to be thrown into a den of lions.

Now, the king loved Daniel and he didn't realize that his political enemies were using that law in order to kill Daniel and try to destroy Daniel.

In verse 16, the king gav ...

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