by Stan Coffey

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When God Says, "The Party's Over" (10 of 23)
Series: The Last Days of the Planet Earth
Stan Coffey
Daniel 5:17-30

In Daniel 5, the first 16 verses, we met the king of Babylon, Belshazzar, who was a co-regent with Nebonidus. Belshazzar was in the capital city of Babylon and while the armies of the Meads and the Persians were conquering territory after territory, he was partying. He was feasting. He was living it up, high, wide and handsome. In fact, he called for the occasion of a great banquet for all of the leaders of his government.

As we read that story, we learned that he took the vessels that had been taken by Nebuchadnezzar in the siege of Jerusalem from the temple of God. He toasted the gods of Babylon in those vessels that were consecrated to service of God Almighty in the temple in Jerusalem.

We are going to follow that up now as Belshazzar is in the midst of that feast. As he's in the midst of celebrating and blaspheming God, celebrating his own pride and ego, Belshazzar notices that there is a handwriting on the wall. He sees just the fingers of a man's hand. So startling is this scene, that Belshazzar, in the midst of his feasting, grows silent and all of the attention of the thousand people in this banquet that is gathered, focuses upon that handwriting. As the handwriting is written, once again, he calls for the useless wise men of Babylon. This is the third time we see them in the study of Daniel. He calls for them to come and interpret this mysterious handwriting.

The Bible says he was so scared that the joints of his knees were loosened, that his knees knocked against the other. That's how frightened he was by this handwriting.

As he comes to that sobering truth, none of the wise men of Babylon can interpret this handwriting. So he remembers the man Daniel when the queen mother comes in and says, "There is a man here who helped Nebuchadnezzar, your father," actually the grandfather of Belshzzar, "And this man has the s ...

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