by Stan Coffey

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Confronting Our Culture (3 of 23)
Series: The Last Days of the Planet Earth
Stan Coffey

In looking for information about where the world is headed, there are some key words to look for. One of them is "new world order," another one is "global," anything that has to do with uniting Europe, the European common market, the Euro dollar, any of those kinds of things.

The nations of the world today are trying to control the changes that are coming. You know, the Bible talks about changes in the ecology. It talks about the imbalance in the ecology that will occur during a future time.

I believe it will be during the tribulation time and already we are seeing some of those changes.

You remember Jesus, in Matthew 24, talked about earthquakes. It seems that earthquakes have significance in Biblical history. Any time God did something unusual, seems there was an earthquake.

There was an earthquake at the crucifixion of Christ and there was an earthquake at His resurrection. You remember that the ground quaked and outside the tomb, the soldiers fell on their faces in fear and the stone was rolled away.

So, all of these ecological things that are taking place are mentioned by the Bible as things to come.

It goes on to talk about the different countries and how countries such as China and India, as well as European countries, are developing technology to try to control the global climate and global warming.

These kinds of things would take the cooperation of all the nations of the world. In the next two Sundays, we are going to see how Daniel predicted the great world powers that would come after his time.

Then he predicted that last world power that would come. Of course, in ancient times there were nations that controlled the whole world under dictatorships and Daniel saw those nations that would come.

Now, in our time, we have nationalism, we have many different countries and we do not have that kind of situation where there's one di ...

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