by Tony Nester

Take My Yoke
Tony R. Nester
Matthew 11:28-30

I once heard a story about a man who went shopping for a new suit. The salesman pointed out a handsome blue suit and the man tried in on. "It's a nice suit," the man acknowledged, "but it doesn't fit me."

"What do you mean?" asked the salesman. "The pants are too long," the man replied. "Not at all," said the salesman, "just widen your knees a bit" -- which the man did. "But the jacket sleeves are too short," said the man. "Just pull your arms in a bit," replied the salesman -- which the man did. "I'm afraid the waist is a bit too tight for me," the man complained. "Come on," said the salesman, "you can suck that stomach in an inch or so, can't you?" "I guess so," answered the man. The man raised one last objection: "The shoulders are too tight in the jacket." "Not at all," said the salesman, and instructed the man to hunch in his shoulders toward his neck.

"Ok, I'll take it," said the man and out he went: knees astride, arms pulled up, stomach pulled in and shoulders hunched up. Just then two women walked by and spotted his man. "My, my," said one of the women, "what a strange looking man." "Yes," said her friend, "but what a nice fitting suit."

What happens when we parts of our life don't fit us? We suffer under the burden of a bad fit.

I tried working for three summers as a door-to-door salesman when I needed to earn money for college. I tried very hard to succeed and I had some interesting experiences. But eventually I fell apart as a salesman. I exhausted myself trying to fit into a job that just didn't suit me.

Relationships, especially close relationships, depend upon two people being a good fit for each other. You've probably seen advertisements for dating services. They all promise to locate someone that will be a good match for you -- a good fit. The more compatible you are with another person, the easier it is to live with them.

A good fit is what Jesus ...

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