by Fred Lowery

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Live Passionately (No. 2)
Series: One Month to Live
Dr. Fred Lowery
Psalm 90:12; Luke 10:25-28; Romans 12:11; Luke 5:18-26; Mark 1:35; Proverbs 10:27; Psalm 46:10
March 30, 2008

How brief, how short life is and so I think it's important that we understand about what it means to live one month, one day, one hour at a time, to live as though we had only one month to live. What would you do? Last week we talked about tombstones having two dates, the date of birth and the date of death. As you look at those tombstones you're reminded that the birth date, the death date, and those things you can't control. That life is really reduced to the dash in between. It's how you live the dash. And so we have two choices. Choice number one we can dash to live. Choice number two we can live the dash. Sad news is most people in America; perhaps most people in this church are dashing to live rather than living the dash. Always in a hurry, always busy, going here, going there doing this, doing that, chasing this and chasing that. We have a supersized wanter. We want this and that doesn't satisfy. We want that and that doesn't satisfy. We want the other and the other doesn't satisfy. We try to catch the Jones' family and by the time we catch them, they refinance and we've got to start all over. Two guys on the freeway, one says, hey aren't we going in the wrong direction and the other guy says yeah but we're making such good time I hate to turn around. Is that where we are? Chasing pleasure, chasing materialism, chasing stuff, and things. Are we dashing to live or are we living the dash? We talked last week about the game of Monopoly and how even though you get Boardwalk and Park Place and the utilities and the railroads you run the board and you've got stacks of money. In fact you've got so much money the bank has to borrow from you. Have you ever been there? I've been there once or twice with Monopoly. You've got so much money the bank had to borrow m ...

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