by Steve Wagers

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No Border Patrol (2 of 4)
Series: In Quest of God's Best
Steve N. Wagers
I Chronicles 4:9-10
February 10, 2008

Sermon Outline
1. A Bolder Faith!
A) To Lean on What God Decides
B) To Look to How God Directs
2. A Bigger Field!
A) The Opportunity He Sought
1) More Increase
2) More Influence
B) The Responsibility He Shared
1) Be Faithful
2) Be Fruitful
3. A Brighter Future!
A) God Blessed His Outlook
B) God Blessed His Outcome

One of the biggest threats to have faced this country in recent years is that of Illegal Immigration. It is a topic that pushes the hot button of many "legal" American citizens. Candidates from both parties are trying to do their best to tell the American people what they want to hear regarding how to repair a problem, in my opinion, that is irreparable.

In fact, just this week, as part of the government's $146 billion economic stimulus plan, the House revealed their plans to grant tax rebates of $300-$600 apiece to illegal aliens. This would be potential losses of between $900 million and $1.8 billion!

One side of the platform calls for intense reform of the current system, such as Amnesty which includes worker's Visa's, driver licenses and creating a path of citizenship. Another side of the platform advocates deportation of those who refuse to abide by the rules; and, yet working with those who wish to, not only to live as an American citizen, but live LIKE an American citizen.

One measure, that began a couple of years ago, is to continue the expansion of borders from California to Texas. In fact, the budget for the Department of Homeland Security has been increased to provide $775 million to install border barriers and surveillance technology, as well as $442 million to hire 2,200 new Border Patrol agents.

As Jabez cries out to God, one of the first things he makes clear is that he is not in search of more border patrol. In fact, to the contrary, he asks God to tear down every boundary, every barr ...

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