by Steve Wagers

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Showers of Blessing (1 of 4)
Series: In Quest of God's Best
Steve N. Wagers
I Chronicles 4:9-10
February 3, 2008

Sermon Outline
1. His Personal Request!
A) A Biography most Unnatural
B) A Burden most Supernatural
1) The Intensity of it
2) The Responsibility of It
2. His Proper Response!
A) His Openness to Observe
B) His Willingness to Obey
1) Common Blessing
2) Conduct Blessing
3) Compensation Blessing
4) Compassion Blessing
3. His Precious Reward!
A) Immensely
B) Immediately

In his book, Dream Giver, Bruce Wilkinson aptly describes the lives of far too many Christians. He writes, "Not long ago and not far away, a Nobody names Ordinary lived in the Land of Familiar. For the most part, not much happened in Familiar that hadn't happened before. Ordinary thought that he was content. He found the routines reliable. He blended in with the crowd. And mostly, he wanted only what he had. Until the day Ordinary noticed a small, nagging feeling that something big was missing from his life."

The saga continues, "Soon, Ordinary, was walking away from the comfortable center of Familiar, where almost every Nobody lived. He was heading toward the Border, where almost no Nobodies ever went. Ordinary had never dared to walk this way before; but, unlike Nobody, Ordinary knew that the farther you walked from the center of Familiar, the less familiar things became. He also knew that Nobodies who tried to leave the Comfort Zone of Familiar became so uncomfortable, they turned around and went home." [1]

Does that sound familiar? It should, because that perfectly typifies the lives of many people in this room. You are living like a Nobody in an Ordinary Comfort Zone called Familiar; and, the tragedy is that you think this is all that there is to life.

I am issuing a challenge to every believer, every Christian, and every member of GBC. I challenge you, or as we would say in the mountains, "I double-dog dare you," you come with me on ...

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