by Jerry Branch

How Would You Answer: Give Me a Break or Yes, Lord
Gerald Branch
Luke 1:26-38
December 16, 2007

Keywords: Gabriel; Mary; obedience; trust; hope; birth of Christ

Mary could have said, Oh, come on, Gabriel, I've got a life to live...
I'm just a young woman...I'm not ready to serve God in that sort of way...
Come on, Gabe, Isn't it just ok to be part of our church, and go on Sunday mornings?
Tell God I'm not ready to commit that much to Him yet...
maybe after I've had some fun in life.
Besides, don't you realize that what you're asking just isn't convenient?

But instead, Mary responded as all true servants of the Lord would do...she said,
"Yes, Lord', I am your servant"

Folks, God has plan for your life.
And when we enter into His plan, God will provide the power and strength
to bring about His plan through us,
But God also "Communicates His plan" other words,
God Invites, He asks us to be on mission with Him
But God also asks for commitment...even though He never forces
So, what I want us to struggle with today, is this...
as God invites you to be part of His plan for your live,
as He asks you to be part of His plan for His church here at Dallas,
as He asks you to be part of His plan to SHARE Jesus here
in our ministry area,...
How will you respond to Him?
Think about that this morning.
Let us pray.

Verse 26
Why did God have to come up with this plan in the first place?
You know something, Mankind was in a horrible way.
Adam and Eve had sinned by disobeying God,
and that brought sin and death into the life of every person
ever born from there on out.
But, because of His great love for Mankind,
God had a plan to solve mankind's problem once and for all.
God had a plan.
And it wasn't some big fact,
God told people about His plan for hundreds of years.
He told His people through His prophets,
men He sent to not only correct the straying paths
of His people ...

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