by Jerry Branch

Church God's Way
Gerald Branch
I Timothy 2:8-15
December 9, 2007

A couple of weeks ago, we looked at verse 8…and through Paul, God is giving instructions to His Church there in Ephesus, and to every church throughout time, so we today also have been given the same kingdom principles that God desires His church to follow.
Let’s then turn to verse 8…
I’m using the NIV today, and the passage will also be on the screen behind me…READ
So, God says, He wants His church to first of all be a praying church.
Like I shared two weeks ago, the reason this issue of prayer is so important is that the church is engaged in a spiritual warfare,
and it takes prayer in order to overcome the enemy and all
the ‘kitchen sinks’ and the ‘fire-ants’ that he throws at us,
both as individuals and as a church.
But look at in verse 8 we see that God expects, not suggests,
that the men of the church (that’s that every place word)…
the men of the church are to step up to the plate and take their God-given role very seriously, as the ones who are to lead out in prayer within God’s church…
Now, I didn’t have the time to go into this the last time, but this is one of those ‘controversial’ passages, that some church’s have ‘twisted’…
and have taken it out of context and use it to say that a woman is NEVER to pray in public and especially from the platform in church. Period.
At the same time, others will say that this passage only applied to Paul’s day and time, and wasn’t what God intended…and that women should be given the opportunity to lead public praying.
So how do we know what is right in this case?
Do we just listen to what someone tells us, and blindly follow along with it?
Many churches and Christians do just that.
Also many pastors do just that and listen to what they are told by others, both from their seminary education, or other teachers or preachers they admire.
But the only way to get a good understanding for this and other passages, ...

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