by Jerry Branch

God's Church Is to Be a Praying Church
Series: God's Blueprint for His Church
I Timothy 2:1-8
Gerald Branch
November 15, 2007

Over the past few decades, communications have gotten better and faster.
People can call long distance and connect the instant their party picks up the phone.
In fact, we can communicate great distances in split seconds.
Gini and I noticed that even in Italy, people of all ages have cell phones and talk on them about as much as we do here in America.
People apparently love to communicate. Prayer is communication with God...
It's talking to's listening to Him.
And one of the really great things about God, is that He can hear us no matter where we are...
we don't even have to worry about calling out to Him
and having some message say,
"I'm sorry, the party you're trying to reach is out of your service area."
Illustration: (video clip)
Cell Phone Parody...can you hear me now?
God can hear no matter where we are...whether we're in America, or Europe, or Asia, or even outer space.
Prayer is also one of the most important parts of a church's life...
that's why we say around here,
that we're a people who KNOW Jesus,
Grow in Jesus, and Show Jesus, through worship, PRAYER,
service and Love...
Prayer is our connection line to God.
Well, Paul wanted Timothy to know that also...
that's why he said, "First of all, then, I urge that petitions, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgivings be made"
I find it interesting that he didn't say, when you have time,
nor did he tell Timothy to pray when was convenient, or he could fit it in...
he said, "First of all"...
that ought to remind us that prayer should be
a very important part of our lives.
We're not going to look at all the different kinds of prayer today,
because the main thing I want us to go away with
is not that we'll be able to tell someone
what one kind of prayer is versus another...
instead, I believe it's more important ...

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