by Robert Walker

What Does God Require?
Robert Walker
Philippians 1:21

Auschwitz was the first German concentration camp to become an extermination camp. The gas chambers were in constant use, but because of the great influx of new prisoners daily, the German Nazis began to use firing squads as well as the gas chambers.

One day the commandant selected ten men from one barracks to be executed by the firing squad.

One of those selected was the father of a large family. When he was pulled from the line he fell to the ground begging the commandant to spare his life for his family.

The commandant was unresponsive until the man standing next to him, a Catholic priest by the name of Maximillian Kolbe stepped forward to offer his life in exchange for this man

Surprisingly, the commandant agreed to such an arrangement. The man was freed, but Father Kolbe was led away and thrown into a tiny damp cell where the commandant gave orders for the guards not to shoot him, but let him to death over several days.

There Father Kolbe suffered the horrible agony of a slow death by starvation. He had made a choice to flesh out his commitment to Christ. Jesus didn't push him out of line; he chose to participate in Christ's call to lay down his life. The result of that sacrifice is still honored by millions today throughout Europe.

I wonder how many of us are living the life God's requires which is a winning life. Friend I believe the Bible teaches us that there is only one life that God requires and that life is the life in Jesus Christ.

Friend that is life which Father Kolbe lived was the kind of life that God requires.

Living the Christian life can be sum up in six words of one syllable each. "To me to live is Christ." This is the secret of life.


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