by Robert Walker

Ingredients of the Winning Life
Robert Walker
I Corinthians 9:24-27

I want us to look at the ingredients of the winning life. When I think of this I am reminded of bees making honey. There is one bee that makes honey from only one flower and when you taste it you can tell something is wrong. There is something missing.

There is another bee who when he gets ready to make honey will fly to the clover field and suck some of the nectar from the clover. Then he will go to the rosebud and get some of its sweetness. Then he will go to the meadow and gets of what the daisy has to offer.

He will fly over the mountain and bring back some of the fragrance of the morning glory. He will come back to the peach orchard and light in a peach blossom and he will mixed it all together.

He will go to his little laboratory and prepare some real honey. You see it takes certain ingredients to make good honey. Friend there is certain ingredients that characterize the winning life.

The background to this passage of scripture is the Isthmian games. We would refer to them as the Olympics of that day. The site was outside of the city of Corinth and they would compete for the prize every two years. Like the Super bowl of our day people from just about everywhere would pack the stadium in order to watch the top athletes engage in competition.

The winners would receive a lifetime exemption from paying taxes. They would win full scholarship to the major universes of their day. They would be honored with having statues erected in their honor.

But the real prize was the celery wreath, awarded to the winner at the end of the games. What are the ingredients of the winning life?


In I Corinthians 9 verse 24 Paul is speaking of the Isthmian games which were held every two years in Corinth similar to the Olympics. There athletes would compete for crowns made of leaves. The reason they all run is for a prize. They run to win and rec ...

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