by John Barnett

Word of Life: The Greatest Power = Prayer
John Barnett

What did those who spent the most time with Jesus on earth remember about Him?

When He had returned to heaven, and His disciples were left to get the message out, they all confessed to the method they had learned, and had made the focus of their lives.

Please open there with me to their confession in Acts 6:4

"We will give ourselves continually to prayer and the ministry of the Word."

Don't miss the point Christ's disciples were making. There is a simple starting point when you face the greatest task imaginable. (For the disciples, it was evangelizing the whole world; for us it is raising a godly family.) That starting point is to let the Word fill your heart, mind--and prayers!

There it is: the simplest and most powerful truth of ministry, of marriage and of parenting--Word-filled husbands and wives, Word-filled mothers and fathers, Word-filled men and women of prayer.

After over two decades as a couple and as parents, our philosophy of a great marriage and family can be summed up in just one sentence: you encourage a godly marriage and family "one prayer at a time." Faithful prayer, in step with God's plan in His Word, is God's most powerful key to unlock our partner's and our children's hearts as we disciple them for Christ.

The Word-filled home is built upon the foundation of a Word-filled life, or personal spiritual life in daily touch with the Lord.

Then we can have a Word-filled marriage where we share the ultimate partnership possible in this world with the one He chose to complete our life. From those two streams flow the Word-filled prayers of godly husbands and wives, moms and dads. There is no greater power on earth that can ever be unleashed than the prayers of two hearts united with a holy passion for God, and the family that He has given to them.

What we pray about reflects what fills our hearts. When God fills us, His Word spills out in our prayers. The more we ...

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