by John Barnett

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The Power of Our Shared Life (3 of 5)
John Barnett
Acts 5:20

We have gathered today to celebrate the power of endless life that we have as members of Christ. Life, endless life, abundant life, Christ's life lived out in and through us is what we celebrate this morning.

Please open with me to Acts 5:20 as we study this morning the power of our shared life. Before we read those verses, let me illustrate the powerful life we have in Christ by contrasting it with the power of death.

The most lethal weapon ever built on planet earth was made here in the USA.

It is 600 feet long and 42 feet wide, weighs over 18,750 tons, has more than 750,000 numbered parts, and is constantly on the move at almost 40 miles per hour--somewhere in the depths of the world's oceans.

Of course I just described one of America's 18 Trident subs.

Within this high tech titanium bullet are 24 missiles each holding 12 deadly independent delivery systems--each of which can completely destroy most human life in an average city.

That means this one sleek, black weapon can deliver to nearly any spot on the surface of the earth a superheated 30,000 degree cloud of fire that will melt, evaporate or crumble anything that man knows about in less than one second--and one sub can send that cloud of death out to 288 different cites all at once.

The latest report from the Pentagon is that each Trident sub is capable of inflicting 52 million casualties, with 49 million of those being deaths .

That means that just the Tridents could destroy the lives of one billion people. The immense death it could cause can only can be contrasted to the immense LIFE that Christ's church offers to this world.

For almost six years we as a family lived on the road where the Trident subs were built. Every morning thousands of cars rolled by into the sprawling General Dynamics Electric Boat shipyard--at night that river of cars flowed back out of there.

One of the most amazing insights I ever ...

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