by John Barnett

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Our Shared Life in Christ's Church (2 of 5)
John Barnett
I Corinthians 12:12-27

Last month we pondered the incredible event of the Resurrection of Jesus. We are overwhelmed with joy as we think of His powerful return from the grave in newness of life and fullness of resurrection power. But have you really stopped to analyze what happened next?

Within days of Christ's death, burial, resurrection and ascension the most amazing event of all of human history began.

God the Spirit began to take the sacrifice of God the Son and by applying Christ's sacrifice to doomed earthlings, the Spirit of God made them sons and daughters of God.

Across the sin darkened canvas of the 1st century world a new day dawned. Starting about 30 AD a world that sat in darkness began to see the light.

Christ's Church began as a group of supernaturally purchased individuals, inhabited by none other than the True and Living God of Heaven, given the very power of God within, and--united so deeply at a fundamental level as to be unlike any other association anywhere else on earth.


In just one generation a world was changed,
? a world crippled by racial enmities,
? a world ripped apart by ethnic strife,
? a world marred by cruel inhumanity,
? a world drowning in sexual perversion,
? a world plunging headlong into self indulgence,
? a world chained to idolatrous false worship...

In just one generation a world was gloriously changed!

That one generation, spanning the lifetimes of Christ's 12 apostles, touched the entire world. The light of the gospel dawned upon countless hearts. There was no empire untouched. From China to Africa, from Britain to India, across the trade routes to the furthest outpost like a forest fire marching across a sin droughtened woods, the dry and barren lives of the world flamed to supernatural life. The fire of Pentecost burned into the lives of the world of that day the image and life and sacrifice of Jesu ...

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