by Daniel Rodgers

When Sorrow Will Be No More
Dan Rodgers
Revelation 7:15-17; 21:1-4
February 3, 2008

INTRODUCTION: I suppose there is not a person in this room--young or old, who has not suffered in one way or the other. If you are young, most likely your suffering has been slight. If you are older, then you know that suffering seems to increase with age--both physically and emotionally.

As we understand more and more about the heartaches and disappointments of life, pain and suffering begin to take their toll. And why all the suffering? We don't always know--someday we will, but not now. Thank God, there is coming a day "When Suffering Will be No More."

SONG: In the year 1891, Samuel Cornelius wrote the song, Sometime We'll Understand...

Not now, but in the coming years,
It may be in the better land,
We'll read the meaning of our tears,
And there, some time, we'll understand.

We'll catch the broken thread again,
And finish what we here began;
Heav'n will the mysteries explain,
And then, ah then, we'll understand.
We'll know why clouds instead of sun
Were over many a cherished plan;
Why song has ceased when scarce begun;
'Tis there, some time, we'll understand.

God knows the way, He holds the key,
He guides us with unerring hand;
Some time with tearless eyes we'll see;
Yes, there, up there, we'll understand.

As we consider our message, "When Sorrow Will be No More," we know it will be a time when...


A. The Need for Tears

1. Yes, thank God, there is coming a time when The Lord will wipe away all tears from our eyes; but now--today, we need the tears. Keep in mind; tears are a gift from God. Think how we would be if we could not cry.

a. Tears are a blessing, they help us release our emotions. The person, who cannot cry, is a person who keeps his emotions bottled up--it is not healthy, nor is it helpful.

ILLUS: Dr. Erick Linderman, psychiatrist-in-chief of the Massachusetts Gene ...

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