by Fred Lowery

A Church of Chariot Chasers
Dr. Fred Lowery
Acts 8:26-29; Acts 8:35-39; John 1:40-42; Luke 19:10; Luke 10:24-27
February 3, 2008

Mitsuo Fuchida is a name that just the moment I mention it you say hey yea I know who that is. But I want you to listen to this story because he was a captain in the Japanese navy. He was a pilot, not just a pilot but an incredible pilot one of the Japanese best. He was also a bomb specialist and on December 7, on a Sunday 1941 a Japanese attack force consisting of 423 aircraft and 6 carriers were poised to attack the United States of America at a place called Pearl Harbor. Mitsuo is the, he is the man who commanded this first wave of 183 bombers who flew past Honolulu and they found it quiet because some guys, the guys operating the radar and stuff for our country they saw something. They saw a formation of planes and so they let their officer in charge know that a formation was coming toward them and the officer ignored it believing it was some bombers that were coming in from California. So Mitsuo found it all quiet and so he gave the order, that coded message, to his aircraft To To To. To his carriers Tora, Tora, Tora. The To was code for charge and attack, the Ra in Tora meant torpedo attack. At 7:55 am on December 7, 1941 WW II began as a sneak attack on Pearl Harbor. Now this man who was captain all during the war Mitsuo was captain of the flagship, this carrier and from this carrier the planes were constantly leaving in the air and the amazing thing is that all of the ships from which planes took off to bomb Pearl Harbor in that war every ship sank except Mitsuo's ship. The only one that didn't sink. So in 1945 Mitsuo went back to Hiroshima and the day before the bomb, you know the atomic. The first atomic bomb we dropped on Hiroshima, the day before that bomb dropped he left Hiroshima, his orders were suddenly changed and he didn't die because he simply had not been there. He would have died had he been there ...

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