by Eddie Snipes

Politics and Christianity
Eddie Snipes

I received a political ad recently that I believe sums up the problems of the church and its affect on the culture. This ad targeted conservative Christians with the call to their 'new revolution' where we are going to take back America. The beginning of the ad stated, "It is all about you." The claim that everything is about you is the problem with our culture and the church. The church growth movement, emergent church movement and both the spiritual and political viewpoints of this current generation begins with a flawed view point. It is not about you, the power to take our country is not about you, the success of the church is not about you. 'You' are not the hinge that the church, culture and political government turn on.

I have been thinking on this topic for a long time because I see several flaws within the church that are fed by the 'me' generation. Over the last 25-30 years there has been a major shift in the focus of the church as we have turned away from the mission given to us by Jesus Christ and to another vision that does not come from God and cannot be found in the Bible. Even though everyone claims to be using the Bible to support their viewpoint, in reality most leaders are only taking passages that support their ideas and these are taken out of context to give a false impression that the Bible is teaching something that is indeed unbiblical. Anything that takes the focus of the church away from her scriptural mandate is not of God regardless of any good that may be done. The goal of the church is not to build a kingdom, but to build disciples. God alone builds His kingdom.

In the early 1980's the 'Moral Majority' launched a new movement that was powerfully effective in politics but has devastated the church. Many of the major Christian organizations have followed suit and shifted away from discipleship and toward politics. Before I go on to explain, let me clarify that I do indeed believe that eac ...

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