by Fred Lowery

Four Steps to Restoring Relationships
Dr. Fred Lowery
I Peter 5:5; Matthew 23:12; Ephesians 4:2; I Corinthians 13:7

Lauren, my, my, my oh wonderful. And Lauren is one of my girls and Randy and Sheryl, I talked to Sheryl a while ago and Randy is in our band these are kids that we had the privilege to grow up with. And they are leaving us Randy and Sheryl are going to Arkansas to do some mission work, I'm just kidding about mission work, I just said that for you Arkansas friends. But they are moving to Arkansas and I think maybe next Sunday will be their last Sunday and I was talking to Sheryl before the service. Twenty years, relationships, and it's hard to and they are model church members, I mean here serving always, rain, shine, sleet or snow. Why is it that the faithful get transferred out and the unfaithful hang around forever? I don't get that do you? I hate to lose the good ones but these are loved and I know you'll want to love on them before they get away from here and we want to keep up with them also. Today I want to talk about relationships I think this message is probably maybe a little have an edge to it that maybe wouldn't have otherwise because I was working on it finishing up with it on the plane last night and this plane all of a sudden we started smelling what smelled like diesel fuel and then it became so strong that our eyes started burning and throats started hurting and we got the stewardess back there. We said something is wrong here we're getting all these fuel fumes in here. Of course we were wondering if the tank is emptying out or anything and she checked with the pilot and he said we're behind this big wide bodied plane and we're getting all that and it's in the air conditioning system. And so then we were trying to get calmed down a little bit and we got that plane in the air wondering or wanting to make sure we weren't losing fuel or anything. We go that plane in the air and then things started hitting against ...

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