by Ernest Easley

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Becoming a Blessing (10 of 16)
Series: Joy for the Journey
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
Philippians 2:19-30
June 3, 2007

We are learning these days from the book of Philippians the secret to continual joy! For if there was anything we need more of these days it is JOY! Knowing that the joy of the LORD is our strength .. we should all want this JOY FOR THE JOURNEY.

So take your Bible and join me for a few minutes in Philippians 2 beginning in verse 19 as we pick up where we left off last time together. Now when you come to verse 19 .. Paul is concerned for the saints in Philippi. He was far away in a prison and yet he was preoccupied with the welfare of the saints back in Philippi.

Paul would have made a good Sunday School teacher. I grew up in Sunday School. I suppose I sat through hundreds of Sunday School lessons during those years. And I have to confess .. I don't remember a single Sunday School lesson.

Now it's not that the lessons were not taught. And it's not that I never listened .. though I feel certain that there were a few I didn't listen to. But let me tell you about Willard Mayo and Bill Breeding: those two men they cared for me. They reached out to me in Jesus' name. They prayed for me. They encouraged me. They showed me Jesus! They contacted me. They invested their life into me: Ernest Easley .. the young man who couldn't sit still and be quiet in Sunday School!

Do you want to know the secret to being a successful Sunday School teacher and member: reaching out and caring for others. That's why every Sunday School class ought to have as one of its goals to have a first time guest every Sunday! And then enrolling them and then ministering to them and being a friend to them!

Say .. are you being a blessing to somebody these days? Are you reaching out in Jesus' name caring for somebody? Are you helping somebody in need?

Philippians 2.19-20, "But I trust in the Lord Jesus to send Timothy to you shortly, that I al ...

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