by Ernest Easley

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In the Midst (9 of 16)
Series: Joy for the Journey
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
Philippians 2:9-18
May 20, 2006

We are learning these days about JOY FOR THE JOURNEY. Take your Bible and turn with me to Philippians chapter 2. Paul is helping us claim what is rightfully ours: J O Y. If there is anything we need more of it's joy. Our lives should be marked by joy.

Now somebody says, "Pastor, my life isn't marked by joy. Does that mean I'm not saved?" Well .. I suppose it could mean that you're not saved. But if you've repented of your sin and through faith invited Jesus Christ into your life as savior and Lord .. then you are saved.

You say, "Well .. if I'm saved .. then why is my life missing joy?" Well .. because joy is something that God sends and the Devil steals. Joy doesn't come from your circumstances .. it comes from Christ in you. And if you're life isn't characterized by joy .. then don't look outward to discover why .. look inward for joy is an inside job.

What God sends the Devil tries to steal. And what is stealing? Stealing is when somebody takes something that is not rightfully yours without permission.

Now God sends joy to His children and the Devil tries to steal that joy. He's taking something that is rightfully yours. Don't let him do it. Life is too difficult to live it without what's rightfully yours.

That's what Paul's been talking about in chapter 2. Now we're going to look at a verse that when you first read it .. you're probably going to feel very inadequate. You may feel like those two cows that were grazing near the fence line one day and noticed that an 18 wheel Milk Truck drove up to the farm house. On the side of the truck were the words: Homoginized .. Pasturized ... Purified ... 100% Fresh Milk.

One of those ol'e milk cows said to her milk cow friend, "It kind of makes you feel inadequate." Well .. before we read it .. let me say that those of you that are in Chri ...

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