by Steve Wagers

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A Great Commission (4 of 4)
Series: Kingdom Great in 2008
Steve N. Wagers
Matthew 28:18-20
January 27, 2008

Sermon Outline
1. The Greatest Service Anyone could ever Hold!
A) Show Others to Jesus
B) Grow Others in Jesus
2. The Greatest Story Anyone could ever Hear!
A) He Longs to Seek Sinners
B) He Loves to Save Sinners
3. The Greatest Savior Anyone could ever Have!
A) His Irrefutable Power
B) His Irreplaceable Presence

Adoniram Judson grew up in parsonages around Boston in the 1700's. He entered Brown University at age 16 and graduated valedictorian of his class. While there, he became best friends with Jacob Eames who was a deist and, in practical terms, an atheist. Ridiculing Judson's faith, he challenged him with the writings of Voltaire and the French philosophers. When Adoniram returned home, he told his parents that he, too, had become an atheist. He had broken his parents' hearts.

At the age of 21, Judson moved to New York City to establish himself as a playwright. But then, hearing tales from the American frontier, he saddled his horse and headed West. One evening, weary from traveling, he stopped at an inn. The proprietor said, "Forgive me, sir, but the only room left is a bit noisy. There's a young fellow next door awfully sick." Judson, too tired to care, took the room.

The night became a nightmare. The tramping of feet coming and going. Muffled voices. Painful groans. Chairs scraping against the floor. Adoniram was troubled by it all, and he wondered what his friend Jacob Eames would say about fear, illness and death.

The next morning while checking out, he asked about the young man in the next room. The proprietor said, "I thought maybe you'd heard. He died toward morning. He went to Brown University back East. His name was Jacob Eames."

That was Judson's wake up call. Suddenly, the West lost its lure and he turned his horse toward home. Soon, he gave his life to Christ, and shortly thereafter devot ...

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