by Steve Wagers

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A Great Christian (2 of 4)
Series: Kingdom Great in 2008
Steve N. Wagers
Micah 6:8
January 13, 2008

Sermon Outline
1. The Commitment of a Great Christian!
A. What Is Shown To Us
B. What Is Known By Us
2. The Character of a Great Christian!
A. A Human Expectation
B. A Holy Explanation
3. The Conduct of a Great Christian!
A. Outward Integrity
B. Inward Sincerity
C. Upward Humility

I wonder, if I were to ask you to describe, or define what a Christian is, what would your answer be? According to a recent poll, taken by Christian research expert George Barna:

85% of Americans self-identify as Christians.
67% claim to be "born again"
70% claim church membership
41% say that they are committed Christians
44% say that they are moderately committedly
27% say that they are always mindful of Christ. [1]

Last year alone, in this country, over $4 billion was spent on Christian books, of all varieties, both fiction and non-fiction. One columnist was asked why there had been such a rapid rise in spending on Christian material, and he replied, "It seems that more and more people are seeing a need for some sort of religion, some sense of belonging, and some feeling of purpose. Many are seeking to discover what it is that defines a true "religious" person." [2]

We could spend our life savings on Christian literature and books to discover what "it is that defines a true 'religious' (Christian) person; yet, we would only be gleaning from the opinions, perceptions and ideologies of another man.

However, God has written a book that clearly depicts, defines and describes what a "true religious (Christian) person" is supposed to be, and supposed to do.

The story is told of the pastor, of a small country church, who tended to major on the negative, "thou shalt not's" of the Christian life. Once, after a Sunday morning service, where he had preached against everything that moved, he was invited to the home of a farmer for Sunday din ...

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