by John Barnett

Anna: Living a Grace-Energized Life of Praise
John Barnett
Luke 2:36-40

As we open to Luke 2:36, and are introduced to the life of Anna, I'd ask you to underline two words in your mind. First, in v. 36 "she was of great age"--underline in your mind OLD. Second, in v. 37 "a widow of about 84 years"--underline in your mind ALONE.

There you go, in two words you could describe the woman we are going to meet this morning. Anna was OLD and ALONE. Yet from this account God gives to us, this old and alone woman was also vibrant, filled with joy, overflowing with God's Word and in love with the Lord. She is just what any woman who knows the Lord would want to become...

An Old Testament
Woman of Grace

Think about her resources to live this life we see, she had God's Word and the Spirit of God. But, just like most of the saints of Old Testament and the early church Anna had no personal copy of God's Word. They had to rely upon the Word they heard as it was read to them, or what they could copy down for themselves. So with limited access to the Word, she flourished because of the unlimited access she had to God.

In the context of our recent study of godly women, I would like to call Anna a powerful example of a grace-energized woman--from the Old Testament! And how does God describe godly, grace-energized women? Is she perfect? No, she is not perfect, but she has a life dominated by choices to obey and follow the Lord.

Anna, like any other grace-energized woman may fail here and there, sin now and then, give up from time to time--but her life is characterized and dominated by choices to seek to follow God's Word. That describes Anna, that describes a grace-energized woman, that is what God always wants, and that can describe YOU!

As we turn to Luke 2:36-40 and read this incredible account, open your heart to God's Word as He speaks to us today:

Luke 22: 36-40 Now there was one, Anna, a prophetess, the daughter of Phanuel, of the tribe of Asher. Sh ...

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