by Steve Jones

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Beating the Church-Going Blues (1 of 5)
Steve Jones
Romans 1:8-15

INTRODUCTION: Someone once said that some people only want the church at four times in their lives: When their babies are born; when they get married; when they're sick; and when someone dies. In other words, when they're hatched, matched, scratched and snatched!

ILLUSTRATION: After church one Sunday the preacher was shaking people out the door. He shook one man's hand and pulled him off to the side. He said "Joe, you need to join the Lord's army." Joe replied "Preacher, I'm already in the Lord's army." The preacher said "Then how come I only see you in church on Christmas and Easter?" Joe said "I'm in the SECRET SERVICE."

Though many people think of America as a Christian nation, and journalists proclaim America to be "the most religious nation on earth," an enormous number of Americans are unchurched – one-third of all adults. In part, that number remains prolific because of the large number of young people who abandon the organized church as soon as they are no longer held responsible for their daily choices by their parents.

And I'm not just talking about "the lost". A large number of people who would identify themselves as "believers" in Jesus have disassociated themselves from the Church. If you asked them "Are you a Christian?" they would answer "yes". If your follow-up question was "What church do you belong to?" they would answer "I don't belong to any church." They've got what I call "The Church-going blues."

What causes "The Church-going Blues?" Why do believers, once-active church-goers, one day find themselves without any active connection to a local body of believers? There are probably many answers to that many answers as there are unchurched people. Some former church members might say it's hypocrites in t ...

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