by Fred Lowery

Searching for Balance
Dr. Fred Lowery
December 30, 2007
Luke 2:52; 1 Corinthians 6:19; 2 Peter 3:18

Thank you Brad and thank you for being with us today. I didn't mention but Brad's parents are here and also Jason and Kimmy, your sister Kimmy. They are part of our extended family through Brad and we are proud that they are a part of our extended family and I know they are very proud of Brad also. So it's good to see Brad's parents here today. Now this morning let me take one swallow of this. I am fighting a dry mouth problem this morning because of taking medication and I know Harry over here is praying that it will mean a short sermon. He told me one day he's never heard a bad short sermon. So I wanted to give you thirty four resolutions. No I'm not going to give you any resolutions but you do understand that at the end of a year it is a time for reflection. I'm not talking about a lot of reflection. I'm not into a lot of reflection and introspection a little of that will go a long ways. I think you ought to let the past go and move on. But you need to reflect and learn some things from the past and then it's a time for positive resolutions and goals for a brand new year. Why? Well its evident we all need changes. Change is a part of life and anything growing is changing. We don't do everything the same way all the time. We all get distracted, we get off track. We all fail at times. We all need to reassess how we're living our lives. What kind of priorities do we have? And are we counting the days or are we making the days count. There's a big difference in that you know. And we all need to position ourselves so that God can do a new thing in our lives. You know that's what the word says. God wants to do a new think in us. This year he wants to do something new in your life. God is not a boring God. He is not a same old, same old God. God wants to do something, He is the creative genius of the world and He wants to do something n ...

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