by Ernest Easley

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The Truth about Temptation (1 of 14)
Series: Christianity in Shoeleather
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
James 1:12-18
July 15, 2007

Now join me in the most practical and down-to-earth relevant book in the New Testament. And of course I'm talking about the book of James. What the book of Proverbs is to the Old Testament .. the book of James is to the New Testament! It is Christianity in Shoeleather.
Pastor James takes the truth of scripture and apply it to our every day living. How thankful I am for the insights he gives us in applying the truth of scripture with everyday living.
Now James was not always a Pastor. In fact .. he wasn't a believer until after the resurrection of Jesus. I mean .. he had to see the resurrected Jesus with his own two eyes before he believed. And that's why we need to continue preaching and proclaiming the resurrection of Jesus! Not just his virgin birth. Not just His sinless life. Not just his crucifixion. Don't leave out His resurrection!
Now somebody says, "Why did James have such a hard time believing?" James grew up with Jesus! In the same home! They were brothers .. we'll they were half-brothers. They had the same Mother!
How would you have liked it had your Mother walked into your room one day and told you that your brother was God? It had to have been hard growing up with God as your step brother. I mean .. having a brother that never lied .. never cheated .. never stole .. never talked back .. never disobeyed .. never SINNED!
I don't have a brother .. just one sister and that was hard enough. She could do no harm. That was hard enough. I cannot imagine growing up with God as my step brother.
But when he met the resurrected Jesus .. his life and focus suddenly changed. That's how it always is .. isn't it? I mean .. when you meet Jesus and decide to follow Him .. life changes!
James soon became the pastor of the church in Jerusalem. Due to persecution .. many of the believers had scattered. The ...

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