by Fred Lowery

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Get an A+ in Parenting (3 of 4)
Series: Kids R US
Dr. Fred Lowery
Romans 12:15; Matthew 3:17; Mark 9:7

We're talking about parenting, parenting on purpose. It is difficult to be a good person, could I get a witness. It is even more difficult to be a good husband or a good wife. I think it is most difficult being a good parent. It's one of life's toughest assignments. In fact parenting is so difficult that if you casual about it, you're not going to be a good parent. You can't take a casual approach to parenting. We've got to be proactive, twenty four, seven, three hundred and sixty five days a year. We've got to pour our lives into our children. Get into their heads, get into their hearts. Establish that emotional connection, that intimate bond. It's the only way to parent in today's world. Gary Smalley, who is an expert on marriage and probably on parenting also, gives us the two most important factors in raising children. Number one he says is establish clearly defined and understood rules in the home. Limits that the children know they can't violate without consequences. And we're going to talk about that next Sunday. Discipline, making children mind without losing your own mind. We've been there. We're going to talk about whether or not to spank your children. But that's next Sunday. The second factor he says, a commitment to love each child in a warm, affectionate and supportive way. He's talking about expressing love differently to each child because each child is unique. It's about this second factor that we want to talk about today. How to build up your children without tearing them down? So, the question, do you stay on your kid's back or do you build them up? Are you a discourager or an encourager of your children? I'm not sure you can be both. Your parenting style is either encouraging or discouraging. I think we've got a couple of choices. We can teach our children by being positive now we learned last week that we ...

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