by Fred Lowery

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Raising Kids Who Turn Our Right (2 of 4)
Series: Kids R Us
Dr. Fred Lowery
Psalm 71:18, Deuteronomy 6:5-9, Joel 1:3, Matthew 19:14, 3 John 1:4, Isaiah 1:27, Matthew 18:19-20, Hebrews 13:7
September 26, 2004

All right, we're glad you're here as we talk about parenting again. Guys in the sound booth I'm getting feed back up here to me so if you'll help me with that before I get started good. We're just enjoying talking about parenting because it's a subject that we all need to talk about and learn about. How to be the parent's that God wants us to be. Parenting on purpose. It was a parent dedication much like we had today and on the way home in the car the little boy was crying. I mean really crying. And the daddy said son what's wrong? He said well the preacher said that I should grow up in a Christian home where the Bible is taught. He said I want to stay with you and mom. Oh. See it is so important that we have Christian homes where we teach our children the word of God. Socrates in all of his wisdom said if I could climb the highest point in Greece. I would say fellow citizens, why do you work so hard in the marketplace and care so little about your children? What good does it do to raise a child in the finest home, clothes, cars, education and yet one day he stands before a God that he doesn't even know. Wow. Those words were written a long time ago but they could have been written this very day. If you want your children to turn out right and I think you all do. If you want your children to turn out right there are two questions you need to ask. Number one am I building the right stuff into my children? Am I putting into their lives the things that they will need to make good choices and good judgments? And to have the right values. Am I building the right stuff into my children. Question number two am I doing everything today that I can to insure that my children have a spiritual future and not only my children but my grandchildren ...

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