by Steve Wagers

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Series: Jesus, Oh What a Wonderful Child
Jesus: The Promise Finalized (3 of 3)
Steve N. Wagers
John 1:14
December 23, 2007

Sermon Outline
1. The First Communication of God!
A) His Eternal Existence
B) His Supernal Dominance
2. The Full Manifestation of God!
A) He Came to be Like Us
B) He Came to be With Us
3. The Final Revelation of God!
A) Grace is Showered Upon Us
B) Glory is Shown to Us

Several years ago, a 9 inch model of Jesus, as a baby, appeared in department stores all across the country. The doll was packaged in a straw and satin crib with a picture of the Bethlehem manger and appropriate Biblical texts. This doll, which was charted to be one of the hottest selling items of that Christmas season, was not a success at all. As a matter of fact, retailers, in an attempt to boost the sales, went and slashed the prices on this doll to make it more appealing to buyers.

In fact, one store, in Oklahoma City, cut the price of the doll 50% of the suggested retail price. So, one woman, who was doing her last minute Christmas shopping and who was comparing prices in various stores, after seeing the mark down of the price, looked to her neighbor and said, "Look, they've marked Jesus down 50%."

Sadly enough, in our politically correct culture, the truth of Christmas has diminished because the truth about Jesus has dissipated. I think of the old hymn No Room in the Inn:

No beautiful chamber, no soft bed,
No place but a manger, nowhere for His head;
No praises of gladness, no thought of their sin,
No glory but sadness, no room in the inn.

No one to receive Him, no welcome while here,
No balm to relieve Him, no staff but a spear;
No seeking His treasure, no weeping for sin,
No doing His pleasure, no room in the inn.

There was no room for Jesus at His birth, and in much the same way, there is no room for Jesus still today. There is no room for Jesus politically. There is no room for Jesus socially. There is no room for J ...

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