by Steve Wagers

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Jailhouse Rock (12 of 16)
Series: A Closer Look at the Book: ACTS
Steve N. Wagers
Acts 16
October 28. 2007

Sermon Outline
1. A New Direction!
A) Enriched by God's Men
B) Equipped with God's Message
2. A New Distraction!
A) His Focus was Tested
B) His Faith was Targeted
3. A New Disposition!
A) What Brought Them In
B) What Busted Them Out
1) Prayer
2) Praise
3) Power
a) Lives were Spared
b) Lives were Saved
c) Lives were Solidified

In 1957, Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller wrote these words:

Number forty-seven said to number three
You're the cutest jailbird I ever did see
I sure would be delighted with your company
Come on and do the jailhouse rock with me.

Those words are part of the lyric to a song that was released September 24, 1957 to coincide with a movie starring Elvis Presley called "Jailhouse Rock."

The song named some very unusual characters such as Shifty Henry, a well known LA musician. The Purple Gang, a real mob, not a rhythm section; and, "Bugsy" who was probably Bugsy Siegel, the Jewish gangster. In 2000, Rolling Stone Magazine listed "Jailhouse Rock" as #67 of the 500 greatest rock-n-roll songs of all time. The song was named by The Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame as one of the pioneer songs that shaped rock-n-roll. [1]

But, ladies and gentlemen, Elvis Aaron Presley did not invent "Jailhouse Rock." God invented it, recorded it, provided the lyrics for it, and allowed it to be sung in Acts 16.

The Jerusalem conference has convened in Acts 15. Paul, Barnabas, Peter and James have used of God to clear up the confusion created by a group of false Jewish teachers regarding the matter of circumcision for salvation.

Acts 15 is the chapter of "Rock of Ages, Cleft for me." Acts 16 is the chapter of "Jailhouse Rock." Let me explain what I mean by drawing your attention to 3 new things. First of all, we see:


In his classic work, "The Great Omission," Robertson McQuilken ...

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