by Steve Wagers

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When God Says 'Yes' (1 of 3)
Series: God's Prayer Language
Steve N. Wagers
I Chronicles 4:9-10
October 21. 2007

Sermon Outline
1. His Faith to be Bolder!
A) A Strange Man
B) A Successful Man
2. His Field to be Bigger
A) How He Came before God
B) What He Carried to God
1) A Greater Place to Serve In
2) A Greater Power to Serve With
3) A Greater Protection to Serve By
3. His Future to be Brighter!
A) God Heard His Prayer
B) God Honored His Prayer

I once read of a young preacher, at his 1st church, who was making hospital visits. He came into the room of an old saintly woman, who knew God and was a charter member of the church. He fellowshipped with her for a long while, and when he got ready to leave he asked her if there was anything in particular she wanted him to pray for. She said, "Preacher, pray that God will heal me. I feel that my life's work isn't over, and I know that God can heal me, in an instant, if it be His will."

So, the young preacher, not believing that God would heal her, but honoring her request, began to pray for the Lord to touch/heal her body. All of sudden he heard a noise in her bed. He looked up and saw her pulling IV's out of her arms, taking the braces off of her legs, and she was standing on her feet. She was waving her arms shouting, "Glory to God! Thank you Jesus! Hallelujah!

Needless to say, the young preacher was shocked. His nerves were tore all to pieces. He rushed out of her room, ran to his car, looked up to Heaven and said, "Don't you ever do that to me again."

R. G. Lee said of prayer, "To take prayer out of life is like taking heat out of fire, melody out of music, numbers out of mathematics, fact out of history, fiction out of literature, brains out of the skull and expecting intelligence, blood out of the body and expecting health."

William Cowper was right in the words of one of his hymns:

Satan trembles when he sees,
The weakest saint on his knees.

Over the pa ...

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