by Fred Lowery

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A Second Look at Questionable Things (2 of 2)
Dr. Fred Lowery

The good news is that it sparked conversation this week. It caused table talk and I think it probably brought to the surface some real issues that we don't usually talk about, but that we need to talk about. So that's a good thing. My fear about last Sunday as I prepared that sermon was that some people would hear parts of it and draw false conclusions. I don't know if you know this or not, but some people do what's called selective listening and they hear what they want to hear or they hear one thing that sounds an alarm in their own philosophy and so they go crazy on that little part and they miss everything else. I was concerned that those who flaunt legalism would be disappointed that last Sunday I gave them no list and they were concerned about that because to them that would mean that we were lower the standards because we had no list. No. No. No. Then I was concerned about those who flaunt freedom. Now they were pleased, they were thrilled with the sermon because I didn't have a list, but my fear was that they would use something that they heard in the sermon to excuse whatever they want to do and say that it's alright on the basis of freedom. Again, I say no, no, no. We have both of those groups in our church, but here's the largest group; and the largest group concerns me even more. Are you okay? You won't be later. The largest group are those who want it both ways. They do not flaunt their legalism nor their freedom. What they try to do is fly beneath the radar because they have their list of the bad sins and they pride themselves with the fact that they don't do the bad sins and all that's public, but they have a different private life and they choose to do whatever they want to do in the name of freedom. So they want it both ways. They want everybody to think .... that's how they fly under the radar because they might come to church and make a big deal about some ...

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