by Fred Lowery

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How Should Christians Handle Questionable Things (1 of 2)
Dr. Lowery

But we're not supposed to assume, right? Let me ask you a
question. Do you believe this is God's word? Do you understand
that your opinion doesn't really matter and neither does mine? It's not about opinions. It's not about what people think. It's about what God says. And so this morning what I want you to do is I want you to have an open mind and heart and I want you to listen to what I say as I try to take these verses and apply them to my life and to let you listen in and if you do that, it may call for you to give up something that you are now doing or it may cause you to start doing something that you're not doing. Simply have an open mind. In 1928 Dr. Donald Barnhouse, who was a great, great preacher from days gone by, preached in Philadelphia. He was preaching at a bible conference in Pennsylvania and at a morning session two women walked up to him and they were so upset and they said to him, "Dr. Barnhouse, there are some young ladies at this conference who are not wearing stockings." And they were horrified and what they wanted Dr. Barnhouse to do was to publicly rebuke them. Dr. Barnhouse looked both of those two ladies straight in the eye and he said, "The virgin Mary didn't wear stockings." And they gasped, "She didn't?" He said, "No, stockings were not around at that time." In fact, as far as we know, stockings were first worn by prostitutes in Italy in the 16th Century. Then a little later on a lady of nobility wore stockings at a court ball and it was scandalous. But, before too long, everyone in the upper classes were wearing stockings. Well, those two ladies looked shocked and walked away shaking their heads. Perhaps Dr. Barnhouse could have said to those ladies, "Why don't you just read Romans 14 and see what God has to say." So that's what we're doing. We're looking at this passage of scripture and we're listening to what God has to say. W ...

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