by Fred Lowery

Jesus the Messiah and Coming King
Israel 2007
Dr. Fred Lowery
Isaiah 52:14; Acts 8:30; Isaiah 53; Luke 2:22-24; Luke 4:22; Hebrews 12:2

Going to Israel is without a doubt the trip of a lifetime. There is no place on earth like it. To the Christian it feels like home. Before I take you to some very special places where we wept, praised God, prayed and sensed the presence of God in amazing ways I wanted to let you know that we also laughed and had fun. Laughter is a gift from God and is good for the soul. Riding a camel and floating in mud in the Dead Sea was a blast. My name is Fred Lowery and I approve these pictures.
(Testimony from those who went to Israel)
We spent our first night in Tiberius and awoke to a beautiful sunrise on the Sea of Galilee. We boarded a Jesus boat to Capernaum the adopted hometown of Jesus. You remember He was rejected in Nazareth so he based His ministry in Capernaum. We cast the nets on the sea but no fish. We tried both sides of the boat but no miracle this time. Jesus did more miracles around Capernaum than any other place and for this reason, cursed Capernaum, Corazon and Bethsaida because of their failure to repent and today we see only ruins because it was destroyed by an earthquake. Never to be rebuilt just as Jesus said. In Capernaum James and John had a fishing company with Simon and Andrew, Jesus healed Peter's mother-in-law, called His disciples to be fisher's of men, and called Levi the tax collector who became Matthew who wrote the gospel and Jesus preached in the synagogue here. We stood on sites where these things occurred. We stopped at Peter's chapel the place where Jesus asked Peter three times if He loved Him. Amazing there are several stones in the shape of a heart. It was on the shore of the Sea where Jesus fixed breakfast for His disciples and told them to cast their nets on the other side of the boat. On our trip we saw the ruins of several ancient cities mentioned in the Bible. But I ...

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