by Fred Lowery

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Heaven Is a Real Place Where Real People Spend a Real Eternity
Dr. Fred Lowery
2 Peter 3:10,13; Revelation 21; Psalm 147:8; Revelation 2:2; Genesis 1:16-17; 1Kings 8:27; 2 Corinthians 12:2; Matthew 12:50; Matthew 18:10; 1 Peter 1:4; 1 John 3:2; Hebrews 12:23; Psalm 33:13; Matthew 5:16; Matthew 5:34; Romans 8:32; Hebrews 11:10
November 12, 2006

Recently a Southern Baptist Convention pastor said to his congregation, heaven is not a real place. It is a figment of your imagination. Heaven is only real because you want it to be real. You say pastor what do you think about that? I'm glad you asked. I think that pastor is going to hell, that's what I think. I think there are going to be enough preachers in hell to have a Bible conference and talk about how they missed it. Because heaven is a real place where real people are going to spend a real eternity. The word heaven is mentioned five hundred and eighty two times in five hundred and fifty verses in this Bible. Ladies and gentleman if it were mentioned once it would be important. Five hundred and eighty two times the word heaven so don't let any preacher take the hope of heaven away from you or anybody else. Because listen to me, listen, listen, listen. Heaven is more real than the preacher or person who denies it. Let me tell you what happens to people who deny this book. You say if a preacher says heaven is not a real place he's calling Jesus a liar and if Jesus is a liar He can't be your savior. And if He lied about heaven, he lied about forgiveness and salvation. We can't pick and choose. Either He's truth or He is not truth. We know that He is truth and He speaks truth and this Bible can be trusted. It is inspire, it is the inerrant word of God and it teaches us that we're to set our hearts on heaven. That we are to live with eternity in view. That we're to have the tug of home on us at all times. Do you feel that? Do you ever feel like this is not your home? Something is tugging on you ...

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