by Fred Lowery

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I Know That I Cannot Lose Jesus - Part 1
Series: I Know
Fred Lowery
1 John 4:13; 2 Timothy 1:12; John 10:27; Romans 4:20; Titus 3:5; Ephesians 2:8-9
November 4, 2007

A little boy was taken on a boat ride by his neighbor. They got out there a good little piece and the boy said to the man, "Mr. Bill can you swim?" He said, "Yes, I can swim." A few minutes later he said, "Can you swim with one arm behind you?" Mr. Bill said, "Yes, I can." A few minutes later he said, "Sir, can you swim with one arm behind you and holding a little boy with the other arm?" He was grasping for security. A lot of people are that way. Most church members are that way. That's not how God wants us to be and yet we grasp for security, for real assurance. Something that God wants us to have and so few seem to have. I read in the press a story about a parachutist, a guy that jumps out of airplanes, perfectly good airplanes, with a parachute. This was an instructor who had over 800 successful jumps. So on this day he jumped out of that airplane, he had a video camera on his helmet, because he was going to film his students and their freefall. The problem is he failed to put on a parachute and he filmed his own death. You know in his check list he got nine out of ten things right and he had great intentions. But the one thing that he neglected cost him everything, even his life. See when I talk to church people almost in every case you do a lot of right things and you may get nine out of ten things right but if one of those is not the one main thing it could all be worthless. So what I want to do in these next two weeks is I want to get you knowing that you are saved and that you are sure you're saved and that you are settled and secure in your faith. Remember the rich young ruler who came to Jesus and he had all these going for him. He was young and he was rich and he kept the comm ...

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