by Ken Trivette

Lost Tomb or Empty Tomb
Ken Trivette
1 Corinthians 15:1-4


1. Our Dedication Is Useless
a) A Message We Have Received
b) A Ministry We Have Received

2. Our Salvation Is Hopeless
a) The Requirement of Salvation
b) The Result of Salvation

3. Our Expectation Is Baseless
a) A Resurrection of the Dead
b) A Reunion with the Dead

1. Recently there has been a lot of talk and excitement about a documentary that aired on the Discovery Channel entitled The Lost Tomb of Jesus. On the official web site of the The Lost Tomb of Jesus it states: ''An incredible archaeological discovery in Israel changes history and shocks the world.'' ''

2. The documentary was based on ten limestone ossuaries (bone boxes) dated to the first century, that were found in 1980 in an excavated tomb in the Jerusalem suburb of Talpiot. In Jesus day, when someone died, family members often wrapped the body in a shroud and placed it in a tomb carved out of rock. After a year or so, they would gather the bones and place them in a bone box called an ossuary.

3. According to the The Lost Tomb of Jesus the ossuaries that were found belonged to Jesus and His family. The reason they believe these ossuaries belonged to the family of Jesus is the names they found on them. On the ossuaries were the names ''Maria,'' a Latinized form of Mary and ''Yose'' or ''Yosa'' a nickname for Joseph. What caused so much excitement was the name ''Yeshua bar Yosef'' found on one of the ossuaries. The name is Hebrew for ''Jesus, Son of Joseph.'' There was another with the inscription ''Yehuda bar Yeshua,'' meaning, ''Judah, son of Jesus'' which was presented as a possible fact that Jesus had a son.

4. According to those involved in the documentary, the conclusion that these ossuaries contained the bones of Jesus is ''scientifically credible'' and that the statistical improbability of these names belonging to another family than that of Jesus Christ is 600 to 1.

5. In the press conference ...

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