by John Barnett

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What is Grace-energized Submission? (21 of 23)
Series: Women Energized by Grace Series
John Barnett
Titus 2:5

Jesus reduced life to one simple goal--seeking God's rule over each day of my life. Do you remember Christ's simple yet powerful words? Please open there with me:

Matthew 6:33 "But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you. NKJV

Ever since the Garden of Eden, and mankind's fall into sin--we humans have wanted our own way. Submission in Biblical terms is when we submit to wanting God's way.

When sin entered the world, the woman desired to rule over the man; the man desired to rule over the woman, and both departed from their God-ordained roles in life. The fall has impacted every part of life, including marriage--as husbands and wives compete for first place.

Now, instead of being the Christ-like leader of his home, as the biblical head over his wife, the typical man has become either dominant and forceful--or passive and uncaring; in reaction, the typical woman has either resisted his control or had to become the leader she was never designed by God to be. And that whole distortion began
way back in the Garden!

Biblical submission in marriage can only be understood and practiced when seen in the wider context of God's plan. First and before all other commands--God commands each of us that we first submit to Him (James 4.7). We surrender to God and seek first His rule over our lives on a daily basis (Mt. 6:33).

Then, after submission to Him, God also commands that we each submit to others He has established in His Divine plan:

? Congregations are to submit to their elders (Heb. 13:17);
? Citizens are to submit to their rulers (I Peter 2:13);
? Younger believers are to submit to older (mature) believers (I Peter 5:5; Titus 2), and so on. Because:

Mutual Submission is
Part of God's Plan

The whole "Spirit-filled" life is described in Ephesians 5:1-20. ...

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