by John Barnett

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Grace-energized Homemakers (16 of 23)
Series: Women Energized by Grace Series
John Barnett
Titus 2:5

Through each day of the past 20 centuries God has offered to every married woman the privilege of turning each moment she spends in her tent, apartment, or palace--into eternal crowns to cast at Christ's feet.

Since Paul sat to pen one word "homemakers" (NKJV) ["keepers at home" (KJV); "to be busy at home" (NIV); "workers at home" (NAS)] to his young son-in-the-ministry named Titus, every grace-energized homemaker can offer her homemaking in worshipful service to God.

Think of what God has offered--each dish that she washed, each towel she folded, each diaper she changed, and each weary day she spent with self-centered family members: can become worthy of eternal rewards that will never pass away.

Titus 2:5 promises each grace-energized homemaker that they can redeem every moment they spend in the endless duties of the home into worship offerings of obedience to God.

The Time

One word, chosen by God is this word homemaker.

One word, designed by God as the role-specific ministry that pleases Him, is what He wants for godly women who offer their lives to Him through their ministry to their home.

As we open to this next virtue that God desires to be cultivated in the lives of grace-energized women--the very concept is increasingly offensive to our 21st century world. "Admonish the younger women to be...homemakers".

The verses of this chapter were sent as a call to First Century men and women energized by grace to live an extraordinary spiritual life in a very unspiritual culture.

The Cretan church was saved, bought from the slave market of sin (redeemed), but still had clinging to their lives the garbage of their culture. They had generations of bad thinking, false thinking, and warped lives.

Of all the godly traits older women of the faith were to exhibit and train the younger women to embrace--this is the most contro ...

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