by John Barnett

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Grace-energized Women Of Purity (15 of 23)
Series: Women Energized by Grace Series
John Barnett
Titus 2:5

For two thousand years God has been looking in each generation of Christ's Church for a few good women--who will give themselves to His plan for their lives. That plan has been laid out for them in Titus 2.

When these women offer themselves as willing servants to follow God's plan, His grace energizes them to live a life that magnifies Christ at every level, and glorifies the Lord with eternal rewards.

The 12 virtues that God desires to be in the lives of these grace-energized women are what we are studying in Titus 2. This morning God declares in v. 5 that His plan for your life, if yielded to Him, is purity. He asks, "Will you follow my plan, surrender your life and let Me make you a grace-energized woman of purity?"

We have been invited by our Holy God, who dwells in unapproachable light (I Timothy 6:16), to become His very dwelling place (I Cor. 6.19-20). What is the only request that the One who lives within us, using our body as His temple asks of us? Purity, He asks us to keep this place He lives clean.

The sheer level of sexual temptation assaulting believers at every level in Paul's day, rivals our own times. Men fed upon lust, and found sexual gratification every where they could; and women obliged giving them much to lust after and became willing participants in all types of sinful behavior. That is why the sin that Paul mentions most often in every letter is sexual sin. The early church was immersed in a flagrantly sexual culture. The believers of Paul's day were being squeezed by the pressure all around them to not resist, but to just float along with the culture of self-expression, self-gratification.

Purity in the moral realm has always marked genuine believers throughout the centuries of the church. Paul was clearly telling Titus that God's expectations in an immoral and lust-filled Roman world was absolute purity. That is t ...

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