by John Barnett

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Salvation: God Gave the Greatest gift of All (REDEMPTION) - Part 2 (2 of 2)
Series: Have you opened your gift?
John Barnett

Tonight join me for the greatest theme in all the Bible--the redemption of lost sinners by the God who so loved the world that he gave His Son to die on a cross and shed His blood to pay the price of sin! And where better to see that theme than the way we will be--singing the new song of our worthy redeemer.

Last time we saw that in the Roman Empire that surrounds the New Testament, when ever a person was convicted of a crime the law courts would produce a "certificate of debt" that listed the exact crime and the punishment that had to be paid before the criminal would be freed. The convicted criminal or debtor would have to sign the certificate and acknowledge the debt or punishment for the crime was rightfully his. This certificate of debt was then nailed to the door of the cell where they were imprisoned until their sentence was completed and the crimes were "paid" for.

This is exactly the legal imagery that Paul draws upon in Colossians 2:13-14. The word handwriting in v. 13 is the exact word for the list of crimes and/or debts the person was responsible for. Jesus took each of those "Certificates of Debt" upon Himself as He hung upon that cross. "Believers' sins were all put to Christ's account, nailed to His cross as He paid the penalty in their place for them all, thus satisfying the just wrath of God against crimes requiring punishment in full".

So as God the Father looked down at Christ He saw your sins and mine. John calls it "the sin of the world". It was the totality of the sin of all humans that was nailed on Christ's Cross. That was Jesus declaring that He was guilty of every sin listed off for everyone of us and all who would ever live.

Now turn to the record of Christ's death upon the cross. The climactic end of Christ's redemption as the Lamb of God was captured by John as he stood at the foot of the Cross. L ...

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