by Fred Lowery

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I Doubt - So I Know
Series: I Know
Dr. Fred Lowery
Luke 7:20-22; Luke 7:28
September 30, 2007

How many of you have ever had some doubt creep into your mind. Don't let me bother you by putting this watch here because you know I won't look at it. Some doubts concerning your faith that you know have just gotten into your mind and presented some problems for you. If I were to ask you to raise your hands how many of you have had doubts concerning some aspect of your faith or what God could do or has done or is doing? Probably you wouldn't want to raise your hands because we Baptists are the best pretending people on the earth. You know we act like we got it all together and most of us don't have anything together, but we put on this big front and we pretend and we don't like to say that we have any doubts. Well what I'm going to do in the beginning of this series is let you bring your doubts out of the closet. I'm doing this I Know series because I know that if we don't know what we believe and why we believe it we become vulnerable to continual bouts with doubt. We can almost be paralyzed by doubt and I think many people are sitting on the sidelines in the church, some of you who sit here every Sunday and you're not working and you're not serving is because you have been bound by doubts and Satan does a number on you and makes you think you're not worthy or you wouldn't be effective because you've got these doubts that you cannot serve. So I think it is so important that all of us know that doubt is something that comes into all of our lives and there are no exceptions for that. We don't know what God's character is and then we come up with a set of unrealistic expectations. You see one of the reasons we doubt is because we don't know God well enough to know any better. See God does what He promises to do. He just doesn't do what we promise that He does. God always comes through but when we have unrealistic expectations of God then God doesn't come ...

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