by Fred Lowery

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Speak Your Mate's Love Language (7 of 10)
Series: Covenant Marriage
Dr. Fred Lowry

You are going to die illustration. Dr. Karl Meniger says when basic are not being met we move in one or two directions. We withdraw in flight, that is isolation or we draw our weapons to fight and either way it is destructive in marriage. But in covenant we choose to love. We choose to meet needs. We choose to express love. Ruth Graham, Billy Graham's wife said it is my responsibility to love Billy. It is God's responsibility to change him and make him good. Love has to do with meeting needs. That means we choose to meet the needs of our spouse. But to learn what those needs are we have to communicate. And to communicate we have to learn the language of our spouse. So here is the question. Do you know your spouse's love language. And if you do - do you speak it consistently? I think men and women want basically three things for marriage. They want to be known, they want to be loved, to be valued. That is what we really want and need out of marriage. Someone to be close to; someone to open up to; someone to be intimate with; someone who will understand us and love us as we are. Think about your spouse - your husband - your wife. Can you say I hear what she hears. I see what she sees. I feel what she feels. I understand her. Can you say that? 1 Peter 3:7. Men live with your wives, get to know your wives, learn their love languages. Live with them in an understanding way. Understand your mate. And it goes the other way. Women understand your man. Matthew 13. We need to see and to hear and to understand each other. Prov. 18:13. Men have to be careful here because we want to give a quick answer. We want to get to the bottom line. We want to fix the problem without really listening to our wives. Jam. 1:19. When we talk about love languages I want to deal with this thing called "in love". You see what you think is that courtship is a test of what you can expect the marria ...

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