by Fred Lowery

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Covenant Marriage (6 of 10)
Series: Covenant Marriage
Dr. Fred Lowry
March 8, 1998

Last week was a wonderful experience in our church. We had 242 couples that were married in a covenant relationship. What a beautiful service and what a wonderful commitment. We have been preaching for several weeks on cove! ant marriage. These last few messages have helped you in a practical way because you make that covenant but that does not mean you: are going to have a happy marriage. You have to work at it and: you have to work at it consistently. Will I Be Acquitted Illustration. Hour Passes Quickly Illustration. Archaeologist illustration. Little girl looking at pictures of a wedding album said, "Are these the pictures of the day Mom came to work for us. Ground Hog's Day Illustration. Titanic is the movie that is going to make more money than anything in motion picture history and we get caught up:in that movie, the Titanic and especially you ladies in the romance of it and the story of it. Beautiful love story. Titanic Illustration. I want to tell you something about your marriage. Your marriage is sinkable. Even though you have renewed your vows, even though you have entered into a covenant relationship. Your marriage is sinkable. And if you don't receive the warnings along the way, if you don't tune into sermons like these and ask yourself, do I need to correct my course? Do I need to change what I am doing? Do I need to work on any area of my marriage. If you ignore all that truth and just say my marriage is unsinkable, we are going to make it. You are headed for trouble. Keep our marriage together illustration. Frustrated Wife Illustration. What are those ladies crying out for? They want intimacy. Emotional isolation, the major problem today in marriage, after marriage, after marriage. And there is something in a woman that cries out for a man. There is something in a man that longs for a woman. Everyone is looking for response. Everyone is looking for love. Love ...

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