by Fred Lowery

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Covenant Marriage (5 of 10)
Series: Covenant Marriage
Dr. Fred Lowry
March 1, 1998

Trip to psychiatrist. Communication Oatmeal. Two or four lane road. Disillusioned wife. Lie about other things. Klopman Diamond. Charlie Shedd. Two Heads illustration. Now let me assume this morning that your marriage could stand a little improvement. Let's say that your marriage is not what it could be or should be or it is not what you want it to be. You have heard these messages on covenant marriage and you are saying I want my marriage to be special. I want it to be great. I am willing to pay the price, anything worthwhile will cost you something. I am willing to make my marriage an absolute priority. I am willing to work on my relationship. I am willing to do my part and more to have a happy marriage. So pastor could you tell me a place to begin. Could you tell me one thing, one step. Tell me something that I can do that will make the biggest difference the quickest. That is easy. The thing that you can do to make the biggest difference the quickest is to improve communication. By that I mean changing unhealthy styles of communication and developing new and more effective styles of communication, learning how to communicate with each other. A covenant marriage is a lifetime, intimate relationship that is built on mutual acceptance and understanding between husband and wife. Mutual acceptance and understanding that comes with communication. So communication is the key to covenant marriage. Nothing is more important. God said it was not good for man to be alone. So he made him a help mate. He knew that man needed someone to communicate with. Someone to share feelings with. Someone to know him and so that he could be known. Someone who could complete him and without the ability to share those feelings, to share himself he was incomplete. So God gave him woman. The failure, listen to me, the failure to communicate is the root of nearly every problem in broken relations ...

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