by Fred Lowery

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Covenant Marriage (4 of 10)
Series: Covenant Marriage
Dr. Fred Lowry

I don't think anything is as sad or heartbreaking that what is happening today, Christian families. Your friends, my relatives. I think I have a greater passion even though I have preached on marriage and family many, many times. Because of the fact that recently so many close friends have had trouble in their marriages. Some of those marriages have been shattered. And then because I have a daughter that is getting married in just a few days. Just a few weeks ago a good friend, a family that we love dearly split apart. Christy struggled with that. She said, if they can't make it how can anybody make it. She asked me those hard questions. How do I know that we will make it in today's world? A lot don't make it. 50% of marriages ending in divorce, 60% of new marriages ending in divorce. Oprah Winfrey said last week and who am I to argue with her. 65% of new marriages ending in divorce. Anyway you look at it the home is in trouble. What can you do? What can I do? What is wrong with us? We who are saved by the grace of God, energized by the spirit of God to handle life and yet life is falling apart basically at the same rate it is falling apart for non-Christians. There is something wrong with that picture. I didn't know pain could be this bad. That is what I heard recently from close friends. I just didn't know that pain could be this bad. I have a question for you. Does trouble, tragedy or even adultery have to end a marriage. The assumption is that it does. The truth is that it does not. The therapist knows that. God's word teaches that. And yet when there is trouble, there is tragedy, many times the family just breaks into 1000 pieces. There is just left behind a litany of broken promises and shattered dreams. Does it have to be that way? Adultery is a breech of trust that is difficult but it is not impossible to overcome. A couple needs good counseling. They need good friends. ...

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