by Fred Lowery

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Wolves That Attack Marriage (3 of 10)
Series: Covenant Marriage
Dr. Fred Lowry
March 15, 1998

A lady asked her husband, "Honey if I die will you marry again?" Have you ever gotten that question? "If I die will you marry again?" Oh he said, I probably will. Will she live in my house? Yeah. She will. Will she drive my car? I guess so. Will she wear some of my clothes? Well I don't know maybe. Will she use my golf clubs? Oh no, no, no. What do you mean no? She's left handed. State trooper got in behind the guy and the guy just took off. Kept going faster and faster and finally the trooper ran him down and said man what are you doing running from the police. About six months ago my wife ran off with a state trooper and I thought he was bringing her back. Pepper Rogers, head coach of UCLA when they were in major trouble having a terrible season and it was affecting his home life. And he said my dog is my only friend. He told his wife, he said every man needs as least two friends so she bought him another dog. I did a wedding with Bob Hope as the best man and before that wedding Bob Hope said to me reverend don't worry about me I won't tell any jokes, I won't disturb this wedding at all because weddings are serious, marriage is solemn. And I believe that. There used to be signs on churches, weddings solemnized here. It's a solemn thing, it's a serious thing. Marriage is a divine institution. Set up by God. Ordained by God. Rooted in God's own marriage to His people. Yes His people rebellious and selfish. But God in that marriage to His people has never and will never abandon or cast off His people. And it's that kind of relationship that marriage is to be a symbol of. You say but you don't know my husband, he's a jerk. You don't know my wife, she's a nag. Excuse me God does know your husband and he knows you. God knows your mate in fact God knows you better than you know yourself. And the Bible says the bottom line is there ...

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