by Fred Lowery

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Covenant Marriage (1 of 10)
Series: Covenant Marriage
Dr. Fred Lowry
February 1, 1998

Is your marriage fantastic or awful? Is it delightful or dull. If nothing changes where will your marriage be ten years from now, twenty years from now, 30 years from now. I have preached on marriage many, many times but I have never preached on marriage with a greater sense of burden than I preached this series. Because of what is happening in our society, our culture. Because of what is happening close to my life. Many close friends I have seen their homes, their families totally disintegrated. There was a time when we thought it is not happening in the church but statistics tell us it is happening just as often in the church as it is outside the church. So I have a burden. It is also a delicate subject. You can get into a lot of trouble talking about marriage problems, trying to help people with marriage problems. Half-Head of Lettuce Illustration: So I want to be careful and I want to be delicate as I talk about marriage and as I ask you if your marriage based on contract or covenant? Because whether or not it is contract or covenant may well determine whether or not your marriage may go the distance. Black Widow Spider Illustration: Know any women who treat husbands that way. Just a thought. Dominating, devouring and destroying, crushing the life out. The Pied Horn Bill Bird. Do you know any men who are like that in married? Who are possessively controlling and who will squelch the personality and the giftedness of the woman. Love em and Leave Em. Maybe some of you married a rattlesnake. Ran from responsibility but then the interesting thing is after the babies are born the female leaves and never comes back to the kids. Abandonment. Latch-key children. Where a man and a woman come together and have children and then go live their lives and the children are left alone to be raised by daycare centers and schools and television. Question is: Are we animalistic in the wa ...

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